Sunday, November 6, 2011

Organization Skills

I used to believe that I was an organized person. I was able to plan out my days and I could find anything I needed in my house, and usually my workspace and my home were neat and tidy. That pretty much began to change when my first child was born. He's 21 now and in that time I have progressively become less organized. Since my natural inclination and desire is order, I have grown steadily insane as my life has grown more chaotic. No, I refuse to believe that the insanity came first, resulting in the chaos. I only have 2 children. I'm sure God knew what he was doing, although I thought I wanted about 6 children. He knew not to give me more than I could handle. He also knew to give me an awesome husband who helps with everything and more. I've been working on reclaiming the life I once knew. Not that I want to go back in time. I only want to simplify the life I have so I can feel less crazy. I know it's not good to be a control freak and that it's healthy to accept what comes your way in life. My sister and I joke on our vacations that we are trying hard to be willow trees. If you have ever tried vacationing with extended family, you may be able to relate to moments of chaos and frustration that would necessitate becoming a willow tree in order to keep from losing it. Anyway, I think things are getting better! I finally found my login information so I can go back to blogging!