Friday, February 5, 2010


I love snow! Actually, I love the idea of snow more than the actual snow.

I love watching it come down! Any kind of snowfall - light, heavy, flurries, blizzardy, big snow flakes, little snow flakes, falling fast, floating down slowly, swirling all around - it's always fun to watch. And I love looking at the snow on the ground and on the trees before anything is disturbed. It's so pretty when it is that fresh, white blanket. And on the trees, the even, white layer on top of the branches makes the trees look like they are proudly dressed in crisp white uniforms. Even when the branches sag from the weight of the snow, the trees still seem strong in their commitment to persevere. I love watching the wind blow wisps of snow off the trees, making it look like more snow is falling.

And ice storms are especially beautiful! The trees sparkle and shine in that glassy ice coating. And icicles from the trees and roofs are so lovely!

I like to watch children (and adults) playing in the snow. It looks like a lot of fun. And snowmen always make me smile.

But I enjoy all of this from inside my house! Even as a child, I found the snow to be less fun up close than from afar. It's so cold and wet. Thank God for picture windows and warm fires!!!

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  1. "Actually, I love the idea of snow more than the actual snow." --> same here, Grace :-)