Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time to Blog!

Man! The weather got hot in a hurry! But I still love this time of year. Everything looks so fresh and new! And I just can't fight the urge to clean something! And I just want to spend some time outside - at least until I start sweating too much.

I have not felt like cooking lately. I have not been logging in my food either. But I have still been eating healthy stuff, for the most part. My home is filled with healthy options, so it hasn't been too hard.

Work is making me nuts! Work-related stress has always been my downfall. I try to avoid it but it keeps creeping back into my life.

Let's get rid of a bunch of people and then let's just change the whole accounting system. It's no big deal, we just need to build a system that will give us any kind of information we ask for at the push of a button. No problem! The current system is not designed for what we need, but we've been waiting 10 years for this to happen. You have 30 days. Well, obviously, the accounting department has simply been holding back this information. Not that they told you in 1992 that the system you bought wouldn't work for what you want. Maybe let an accountant help pick out the software instead of going with what the production manager heard about at a seminar. So, NOW you want to do an efficiency analysis of all the procedures?

I have to blog to keep my brain from exploding and, hopefully, keep my blood pressure from skyrocketing.


  1. You can't fight the urge to clean?
    You wanna come over to my house Grace?

  2. Agnes, I'll come clean, but I'll probably want to stay and enjoy the beach for awhile. :-)

  3. I can empathize with you, Grace! Corporate ways and politics may be 5 years back, but when I read this, the memories come flooding back. I must say my stress level remained pretty low because I always said exactly what I thought and my boss or to the President of whatever company it was! Didn't matter to me! It's also why, at the tender age of 67, I have darn near perfect blood pressure....without medication! :) :) I am a bit surprised that they (even erroneously) listened to the Production guy...usually it's the Sales guy everyone hears the loudest and follows. hahaha I have an email button now, Grace....would love to hear from you there.