Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blah, blah, blah....

Ok, so I've had a little set back this week. Some stomach thing has been messing with my insides, but I'm still trying to stay focused. Missed work Tuesday; tried to go in yesterday, but had to leave early after not being very productive; tried to make it in today, but had to turn around and come back home. I can't stand to waste another day! I still have a little energy now, so may as well blog, right?
I am definitely going to write a cookbook! As I am eating healthier, I am developing and recording recipes that go along with my new healthy lifestyle. I have plenty of "before" pictures to show me at my top weight. I will have to take a new picture every month, or so, to show my progress. Then, when I make it to my goal weight, I'll be ready to put together my own healthy eating cookbook.
Keeping myself focused on my health and cookbook goals is already making a big difference in my attitude toward life and work. I am very excited about this journey and, I think, it would be really fun to share this with others as I go, and maybe more after I am done.

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