Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm blogging!

My brain never stops chattering. It gets very distracting when I am trying to work and this chatter pops up and interrupts my concentration. It's kind of like an IM box popping up on your computer when you are trying to type a letter or something. You lose your whole train of thought.

Lately, the chatter is filled with things I would rather be doing. Not just at that moment but for my life. I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Why did I choose accounting? How did I get to this point in my life? Where has my life been leading me? Do I need to leave the path I've been on and find a new path? Is there a fork in the road here? What other directions are there? Why am I so tired? Change is scary. Where will I get the energy and the courage to start something new?

I have thought about being a writer my whole life. I would like to write children's books. I have tons of ideas based on my own life growing up on a farm. I would love to write a cookbook, too. I also have ideas for short stories or novels. Where would I start? How could I find the time and energy to take on a writing project?

Another fun idea I've entertained is having a craft business. I love doing all kinds of crafts. I could make quilts and afghans. I could make wind chimes. I could make greeting cards. I could make beaded jewelry. I could make wreaths. First I would need to invest some time and money into creating some inventory. Then I could sell online or at craft shows or at flea markets. Maybe I could eventually have my own shop.

I have also thought about having my own little diner/cafe/sandwich shop. Or a bakery. Big draw back to that is the hours. I would only do this if I had someone else helping me.

And there are still more ideas bouncing around in my head!

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