Monday, January 18, 2010

Fresh Start

I'm a few weeks late but I am beginning my New Year attitude today! I have started this blog to help me clear my brain every now and then. That's very refreshing! I am cutting way back on my facebook time. That just eats away too much valuable time. I will still use FB to keep track of my people, but those games are just way too addicting! You just can't expect to fully participate in all of them. So I am setting myself free from the chains of FB gaming. That is going to be a huge relief! I am going to recommit myself to my work. I have struggled to stay focused but I am determined to do my job with more gusto and perseverence. It doesn't have to be fun. It's definitely not hard, so I may as well do what needs to be done every day as quickly as I can. That will make me feel better about myself! The biggest part of my attitude change is going to be creating a healthier me! I have let myself go for too long. I am changing my daily routines to include more movement, and I am going to make healthier food choices. I know from experience that this will require me to spend more time and energy on planning and preparing and tracking my food and exercise. In the past, I have become weary of the effort and the obsession required to really make myself stick to these kinds of routines. But I am determined to keep going with it for the rest of my life. I cannot afford to ignore my health any longer. It's too important. Being healthy will make me better able to do things that I really want to do in life. I'll have more energy for fun! It's a brand new attitude!

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